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antipyretics, it is to be remembered that they do not possess the import-
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lumen, or a diffused infiltration of the intestinal wall, commencing
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toms nor to abnormal physical signs. When the sac contains 1 quart
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that for words, music, and, in fact, sounds of any kind — we have abun-
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Typhoid Fever. — Mild cases of appendicitis with accompanying diar-
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ounces (425.O-710.0) are seen in moderate grades of hypertrophy, and
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there will be evidenced in most cases tuberculosis, chronic bone-suppura-
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ulcerate, exposing the chalk-stones. When the fingers are affected we
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»y the rapid formation upon the oral mucous surfaces of small, whitish,
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tic of whooping-cough, and there is no distinct causal lesion around
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manifestations differ in a more or less characteristic manner.
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ture is then made between the third and fifth lumbar vertebrse and ■ lil<l»
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formed in due time. To relieve the excruciating tympanites the
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sipelas), two other forms — namely, phlegrjionous, or cellulo-cutaneous,
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The endoscope has been used successfully to determine the source of
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2, or even 1 to 1.5, instead of 1 to 4, as in health (see Fig. 16).
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primary importance, and is uniformly applicable in this class of sufferen.
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in certain individuals living in malarial regions. Persons working under
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The stools present a characteristic yellow appearance, suggesting by
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paired absorption from the stomach, there are cofistipation and Meawtf
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In suspicious cases, even before the discovery of sugar in the urine,
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isy for twenty minutes at a time gives almost instantaneous relief
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cases an exploratory puncture with a small needle may be safely prac-
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