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iatient*s avocation entails undue muscular eflfort, it must be aban-

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which he cannot assuage. There may be maniacal excitement, and the

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;iaiit-cell8 being most commonly seen in instances of organic cardiac affec-

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early high temperature, and profound prostration, the sweatings, the

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with muscular paralysis and atrophy, occurring chiefly in children, and

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Race. — Acute chorea is rarely met with except among the white races.

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(c) Oancerous Peritonitis. — Quite often in connection with cancerous

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course, and the complications of the disease. Rheumatic fever is sub-

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servation may, however, detect more or less dyspnea, cough, and in-

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great tension that soon yield to pressure (doughy), and edema of the

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ing does occur from unknown and inevitable causes in very rare in-

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Pathology. — The gross anatomic characteristics and peculiarities

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inTolvei); also thai a turoor unite^ with the wall of the stomsch (tf-

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resembles milk in its millions of fine granules and fat-droplets.

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sults. However, should improvement follow the action of the first

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— that are constantly present in the intestinal canal may also find in

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many instances. The tongue is pale, flabby, often dry, and the edges

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present. The diagnosis is assisted by a knowledge of the fact that the

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lowered sensibility, and loss of sensation is very rarely absolute. The

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in error. An inspection of the tracing will convince the most skeptical

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commenced when the temperature in the rectum reaches 102.2^ F. (39^ C).

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secondary contraction in perihepatitis, {c) Ibrombosis of the portal vein.

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the labio-glosso-pharyngo-laryngeal type. Death may be due to cardiac

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excitement and indulgence of any kind tending to unbalance the self-

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the arch. Not infret^uently abdominal tumors, excessiye meteorism, and

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croup. The development of the dyspnea, however, is more gradiul,

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ment in the necessary handling of the patient connected with the bath

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Remedial. — The methods and means offered for the cure of chronic

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bUng presystolic murmur is detected. A frequent late occurrence is the

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