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fervescence is observed. It follows that a relapse has a shorter duration

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> throw an undue strain upon certain portions, and hence is likely to be

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of mercury are of value, and later mercuric iodid or general l«

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than during expiration. This is met with in chronic adhesive pericarditiN

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for many years. Complications and sequelae are infrequent.

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volved, as it is said that the latter is generally a syphilitic neuralgia.

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due to a gradual decrease in ^oil humidity and porosity.

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tion with pathologic urobilin, dark in color. The urobilin is detected

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frecjuent, small, and compressible, or, more rarely, tense. At the time

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dysenteric ulcers. In the rectum the stenosis is usually a result of a

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(11) Prior Attacks. — One attack undoubtedly leaves the system more

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which is, as a rule, softer and less intense than that due to valvular

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are the comma bacilli (spirilla) of Koch. In cholera sicca these serous

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i)ot()niv. Inhalation of amvl nitrite or chloroform, or, what is often a

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The cervical branches of the dorsal and lumbar nerves are involved in

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may enlarge, and on both shallow ulcers presenting a grayish sharply-

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lowever, may suddenly leap to 110° or 112*^ F. (43.3^-44.4*' C), form-

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affected muscle does not stand out in movements of the head. Unless

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substituted and the quantity gradually increased. Preliminary to their

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is this the case in adult white males. It is held by some to be a

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fn liealthy children under favorable environment the mortality is prac-

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niple pleurisy, on changing the posture of the patient. Modifica-

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including the ports of the tropical Atlantic coast in America and Africa.

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Physical Signs. — Inmpeetinn shows defective respiratory movemrat

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aspiration, incision (nephrotomy) and drainage, nephrorrhaphy, ne-

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Palpation shows the tactile fremitus to be diminish^ aboT* m4

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of injurious exposure, aided by hot salt-water, Turkish, or Russian baths,

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circulatory collapse in the course of typhoid fever, as previously noted,

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tion in this disease have been mentioned elsewhere {vide Appendicitis, p.

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According to Richter*s statistics, 88 per cent, of military cases are &ttL

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HMO's merit trial. But the basis should be limited,