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of the anus {atresia ani), and is only mentionable in this connection.
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Complications. — The author's analysis of 1780 cases of malaria
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instituted, and the latter will be found to be by no means rare, even
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ening often seen in the cortex of old people. The ultimate changes de-
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or shorter intervals. The morbid process is the same as in rheumatoid
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other. To locate the obstacle, the distance from the teeth to the point
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in the field. Recent observers, however, have found no leukocytosis in
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2. The cases included have been drawn from localities widely sepa-
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demic outbreaks, more or less exteneire, occurred, ajtd in 1844 the dis-
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presented in individual cases. For the coryza inunctions of animal fats
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instances are not to be mistaken for the results of metastasis in mumps.
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(41.6° C), these striking elevations sometimes immediately preceding
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The acquired form is usually secondary to inflammatory conditions
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more gradually to pressure, and the dilatation is more pronounced. Ordi-
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is usually in the motor, or emissive, center in the foot of the third frontal
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tend to prolong its course. There is not observed the strict periodicity
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Pain is the leading symptom. It may be neuralgic or of a boring or
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connective tissue, so that there is compression-atrophy and even total oblit-
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pus is often found to have undergone cheesy changes or calcareous infil-
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boiling water even for a few minutes, and facts such as these explain
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the perforating abscess may discharge its purulent contents. An unfor-
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infiltrated areas often present small grayish spots, but the appearance of
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remember two cases attended with profound collapse that recovered,
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Ix this complaint, besides air or gas, there is usually present pus, and
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ingly quickened. Both pulse and temperature indicate marked im-
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[)ride represent other articular affections as gout. (6) Age, — Primary
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but this does not range so high, and its type is more irregular than in
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The treatment must be mechanically supportive, consisting of pads
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