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tion (massage). As soon as possible a plaster jacket should be put on
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lowed by other evidences of irritation, soon by compression with convul-
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^mong signs of subsidiary value are a venous turgescence, a marked
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lere acted upon by the altered gastric juice, and the black hematin re-
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recently recorded cases by Lydston and others nervous lesions became
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tations as hot as can be borne or hot cloths lightly wrung out of Fuller 8
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and other lymphatic glands, together with the sore throat, are common
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of a lump in the throat, especially when the mouth is dry, is commonij
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disordered digestion, headache, failing vision, dyspnea, and frequent
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Outgoing President W. C. Mitchell, M.D. (1.) with his
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may develop in some cases, while in others the whole clinical picture
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rinth, either primarily or secondarily to ear-disease. Drugs — quinin,
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circulatory collapse in the course of typhoid fever, as previously noted,
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h) Wool'8arter*8 Disease. — This occurs among the operatives in fac-
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enty-three per cent, of nurses up to the age of fifty die of tuberculosis
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indulge in alcoholic beverages to excess are prone to an irregular mode
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the duration of the case the more purulent is the exudation. The ven-
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ment of syphilis, in institutions on the Continent. Lane recommends
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in robust patients, by the local abstraction of blood (Siij to vj — 96.*)-
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marked and cardiac complications are not uncommon, particularly when
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enes is probably responsible not only for many cases of puerperal perito>
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mercuric-chlorid solution — 1 : 5000 or 1 : 10,000) will be found of great
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v inverting over the vessel an ordinary funnel. The patient is
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Bacteriology. — Early in the year 1892, Pfeiffer discovered a bacillus
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of digitalis (5J-ij ; 8.0, of the digitalis-leaves in an infusion daily) ad-
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Seminar and the House approved the institution of such a Seminar on the Socio-