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due regard to the previous history of the patient, including hereditary
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the fats and carbohydrates — in which the oxaluria and the nervous
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The diagnosis is based upon the presence of paraplegia with in-
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described opposes an obstruction to the outflowing blood-current on the
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flashes of light, subjective noises, rapid respiration, cool skin, |>ossildy
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Definition. — A disease due to the development of sclerotic patches,
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■ DtiUtehe mtdkinxteht Wochtruehrifl, I^eipiig, Nov. 23, 1893.
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pelvic viscera have also been noted occasionally (dysmenorrhea, abortion,
proteids or hydrocarbons, but not after a meal of carbohydrates.**^
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recommended that the Foundation submit to it a detailed annual activities report.
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Definition. — An abnormal increase in the secretion of saliva.
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mil<Hy febrile. The attacks usually come on rapidly, and last but a fr»
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Hodenpyl indicate that the bacillus colt communis is the bacterium most
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times red blood-corpuscles. The fibrin has two main sources : (a)
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a remittent temperature. Rigors or decided chills frequently accompany
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should be examined both macroscopically and microscopically.
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important sequence of pertussis. All the viscera are liable to fatty de-
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the white blood-corpuscles. Among specific organic irritants the tuberelt
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Weakening of the left ventricle, or even obstruction in the aorta, leads to
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io adults than in children, though the symptoms are far from character-
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the various excretory organs, and mild laxative diaphoretics and diuretics
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When given internally the dose should not exceed gr. ^-J^ (0.0002), to
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also lias recently found the same cell -degenerations around both canceruiD
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Treatment. — Attention to the systemic condition, whether di«ea?t*l
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Bowman's capsule are common in markedly amyloid kidneys. In ad-
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Medical Service Committee that the MAG support efforts to establish a statewide
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j^tances of Hodgkin's disease the lymphatic glands frerjuently harbor