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(8) Salpingitis on the right side may resemble typhoid. In the former

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to beneficiaries, the cost of providing them, and their

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infiltration and degeneration of portions of the pancreas may occasionally

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them being Durandes method (turpentine and ether), but, so far, all

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advantages, but that dryness is not an essential element is shown by the

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consequence of the dietetic restrictions. It should be persevered in

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interrupted by periods of comparative comfort and noticeable improve-

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temlth. According to Bohn, the secretion in these cases is mostly in-

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may be repeated as often as required. To the water used for the appli-

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Complications. — Septic lobular pneumonia may occur from aspira-

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nated subjects (human beings and the lower animals) or from varioloos

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sion of the fever and an eruption of papules, which pass through the

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veilhicr many and widely various theories as to its mode of origin hau

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The Spleen, — With few exceptions the spleen is enlarged in ty-

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forms under the present heading, and the third separately (p. 510).

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home. These waters must, however, be cautiously used.

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ureter. The urine may now flow clear from the other and vicariously

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Intusstuceptum usually gives a negative previous history. The sud-

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bremth is heavy, though not offensive. General symptoms^ as slight

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or delirium, may develop and precede a fatal termination.

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general health soon suffers greatly, the patient becoming weak and

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found. The great frequency of appendicitis is rendered appreciable by

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a distance of about 1 inch (2.5 cm.). The distance is determined by the

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rate often, accompanied by slight burning and vesical tenesmus, due to

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fill, and the saliva is increased. Uremic vomiting is also usually of cen-

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pyramidal columns are pronounced, and there is wasting of the cord