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iBAte in the dura mater. In gummata of average size a cut-section

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The latter is manifested by the obtunding of the senses ; in fact, the

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tive. They ])oint to great canliac enfeeblement, but do not furnish any

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entail severe muscular strain {e, g. blacksmithing), act as predisposing

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mucosa for a greater or less distance beyond the borders of the ulcers.

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by collapse of the circulation (small, rapid, feeble pulse, cyanosis, etc.),

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not exceed 103° F. (39.4° C). During the height of the affection the

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is a reduction in size and weight about equal in both organs. They

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fourteen hours at the body-temperature, can be thoroughly relied ui)on in

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irritability of the prostate (especially in advanced age) that are so often

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malt liquors, spirits, and strong wines.'' An exclusive milk diet may

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same, and standing aside for twelve to twenty-four hours, the temper-

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feeding, and the amount of food taken according to the age of the child.

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mde^.ti/jti j« irxceedifigly rare, but does occur: J. William White, how-

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teristic changes of fatty and other forms of degeneration.

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dngival mucous membrane is deeply red and swollen ; the gums soon

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of a variety of tumor known as rhabdomyoma. Alveolar sarcoma is

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hypertrophy. From simple mitral stenosis the lesion of mitral incom-

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is, nevertheless, a most reliable test. It depends upon the action of

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the result of an absence of the pancreatic secretion. Pain may be ab-

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lung. Rarely the condition is congenital. It may be general or ]la^

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9Bpecially in children. But in this disease the attacks of dyspnea, the

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the interior of the latter bacteria, various crystals, and intestinal epi-

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(f) Hemoptysis may result from severe injuries inflicted upon the

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Clinical History. — The mode of onset is variable except in a small

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softening nf the indurated areas occurs, loading to the fonnatioa

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Palpitation is best met by the use of the tincture of aconite, THj-iv

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single instance that I regarded as belonging to this form.

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rarely they occur suddenly with a severe rigor or chill, violent head-

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In the later stages there is no objection to the use of morphin Lyi^v-

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come irregular, particularly if the meninges be involved.

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poisoning ; it may be an advanced stage of perineuritis or choked disk.

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Secondary Lesions. — ^^he catarrhal inflammation of the larynx may