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history of dystocia, with or without the use of forceps. Cerebral trau-
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the patient's mouth. Local depletion, preferably by leeching the front
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pain which continues in the side after all detectable physical signs have
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the eyes are closed. Attention is often called to this symptom by the
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Though comparativelv easy to outline, the tumor is nevertheless hard
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svmptoms are the rule. Cases have been reported by Church, OweD.
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tube furnished with a cock ; with another shorter tube, one end attached
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by the intensity of the pleuritis, and to these the term pleuro-pneumonia
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Differential DiagnosiB. — Doubtless, lobar pneumonia is constantly n
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struck, and then of falling heavily to the ground. The slight form may
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peripheral circulation as well as the reaction, and, on the other hand, to
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removes at once much irritating and offensive material. Opium should
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exciting causes. The Adirondacks and White Mountains usually bestow
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hypertrophy, as compared with those of the right. In special instaneo.
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fluenzal character, and at the same time it gradually grows metallic in
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g nitrate, carbolic acid, a concentrated solution of perchlorid of iron,
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exhaustion, and death close the scene. I have seen 1 case that developed
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acute type may also occur in the course of vesicular emphysema.
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son, and also to a slight extent by faulty hygienic conditions. On the
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occasion that half the beds in his ward were occupied by patients with
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In the tongue gummata often develop. A decidedly fissured appearance
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PrO£;il08i8. — Hematemesis, except it be due to rupture of an aneur-
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with which the two conditions are found conjoined in the same case matt
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ever, are undertaken only when successive reaccumulations of the flnid
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masses that attained to a large size and gave metastasis to lymph-glaii(k
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irations, and later mountains of a considerable height, the object being to
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exercise, systematic bathing, and regular hours for eating and sleeping
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The liver may show slight enlargement in the beginning of the dis-
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upward and to the left. Altering the patient's posture changes the scat