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dissimilar ? Study even a peach. Leave out of view the structure of its

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percent, M. P. of total fatty acids 45—48°, [oc]d^^° +52*96 (c=2-9266)

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Elephantiasis Scroti. — Our readers will doubtless recollect the account

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has there been adopted or originated in that country, that has not found

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the movement in the muscle to which the tendon belongs.

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the condition occurs oftener during the winter months it has been assumed

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environment and with suitable doses of the organism.

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and during the interval of the regular lectures at the College, they will risceive instruction by lec-

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we may often shorten considerably the duration of the ophthalmia, and

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the Anglo-Saxon race very well, as it admits of a large amount of open-air

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cases might be cited, as evidence that the method detailed above of re-

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Tubercular meningitis is to be distinguished by its insidious onset, the

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sary, and the subsequent use of flaxseed tea through the night in case

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Capsicum is particularly adapted to scarlet fever and erysipelatous

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time of conception, either from a syphilitic ovum or from contaminated

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What is the natural duration of acute rheumatism? It is not pre'

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(a) Abdominal kneading is performed on the patient (Fig. 26) while in the

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opaque line, crossing the cornea obliquely just below the axis of tisiod,

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pounds of mercury in an earthen mortar, that they may be perfectly

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bowel was still more extensively inflamed, involving most of its mucous

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syphihtic and tuberculous affections, warty growths, and simple ulcers and

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numhera of the preceding month, stitched in a cover. J. V. C. SMITH, M.D. Editor.— >PrSe« tSjift •

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chemical manufacturers to recover the sulphur from the black ash left in

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the power you possess of discriminating it from arsenic or from the by«

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may also appear on the skin, either as an erythema, a wheal, .or an

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Whole number of dealhs In Boston, for the week ending April 91,35. JMiile», H^Feif.aic* ti.

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ment constantly going on seems to offer prospects of employment, often

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of the- patient : we have in this summary the most perfect example of a

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The ravages of smallpox were never before more vividly illustrated

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incessant coii|hing, and large quantities of pus continued to be expecn^