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means to be used to ])revent infection following wilful exposure,
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derable profit ; is very good for draught, and for the
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tion caused by the pressure on the nerve tubules by lepromatous infiltra-
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These, together with a stock culture obtained from the William
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caine solution, introduced through a fine needle ; a small puncture is
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can scarcely be entered upon here. One point which has not received as
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of these there is a pug nose, broad head, and extremely stunted limbs, the
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flout he-afs frequently fells for fixty guineas on the
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of these present in practically pure culture. Other varieties frequently encoun-
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collapse is a short one, one infusion may prove sufficient ; but it may
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where the head alone is conhdered as one ol the four principal di-
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der pounded or ground, a quart each •, alfo a gal-
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successful case of treatment little or no disturbance of the general health.
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what is called the/JvTg-. This is a horny fubftance
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estimated as causes of back pain and are not common causes of
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and it is only within the last half century that any very real progress
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The ureter, also, in many cases becomes diseased. Its mucous membrane
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time of year. I believe that the points which will be of greatest assistance
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in patients dying in the course of alcoholic paralysis. Tubercle of the
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off by plentiful bleeding and a cooling regimen ; but
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from ingested tuberculous material. The only primary case I know of
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of the plague in London is better than that recorded in any medical
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sinusitis and one of external otitis. Townsend especially emphasizes
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Radiant heat baths, in which the affected joints are bathed in the heat
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nected with disease of the Fallopian tubes. It is these tumours that are
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observed in which haemorrhage is never present. The case is one which goes
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abstain from food and drink for at least three hours. Twenty drops of
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frequently precede the dyspnoea. There may be attacks of paroxysmal
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Hyoscine is best given hypodermically and an injection of 1/150
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iheep aaioiwits to thirty-feven millions and a half of fix-pences,
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patients and malingerers as a protection in their difficulties.
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in a bent position, and sometimes from a definite compression to which the
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partly held in check by appropriate treatment. Gastric catarrh may end
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it twenty-four hours before the eruption ; the moft