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nating and decomposing urine in the urethra may sometimes be the cause
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•examination of applicants and grant oertifioates of ability to practice dentistry
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conduction. Inflammation, degeneration, new growths, hemorrhages, and se-
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pains," hallucinations of pain, or, if we please, "central pains" — i. e., central
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of the disease before the first signs of the cerebral trouble develop. We
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The services of a Veterinary Surgeon appointed after the date of our present
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D. Warren Stanger, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry in the Division of Psychiatry,
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varies; the mtn1«m« tim arrf te^jerature for process cheese produced for the ralVltary
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tinguished medical graduate of the year. Yalue about' £40.
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Hygiene" (by Dr. King), "Demonstrations of Anatomy" (by G. V.
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disease may vary greatly. It is obvious that Meniere's symptom-complex may
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He will then take the Primary Examination of the College of Sur-
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The medical work of the University is devoted to the maintenance and advance of
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investigations of Flechsig and others have led to 'the conclusion that the ter-
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disc, although the retina still exhibits its normal transparency. It is not
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logued. They receive 5,000 current periodical publications, including in part the trans-
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consider it a misfortune if hypnosis should come into too general use. That
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The mornings of all four quarters are spent in the anatomical laboratories of Rush
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submit at the end of the academical year to an eTa.Tniiia.tion before
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quickness of comprehension, the judgment, the attention, and the capacity for
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regular colleges in Canada and in foreign countries. The tickets or
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before which the candidate is not allowed to present himself again.