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Besides the local lesions of the skin {i, e, ulceration, gangrene, edem-

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laa occurred at intervals of four weeks for a couple of years, with an

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ment of a large portion of the lung, associated severe general bronchitis,

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of the contained sulphur, which forms a black bismuth sulphid : hence,

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ftflflociated with aphthous stomatitis, are most probably due to the common

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chronic suppurative or the pyelo-nephritic, may be unaccompanied bv

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quite characteristic that upon heating such urine it becomes clear,

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blood-corpuscles. It should be stated that the inflammatory exudate col-

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entire population of urban and rural districts. It may also originate in

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's to be followed by a purgative dose of some mercurial. Colchicum is

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treating systemic fungal infections naturally

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is complained of, and is sometimes not unlike renal colic ; hematuria is

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into the blood the streptococcus pyogenes, staphylococcus aureus, im

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tion of the thorax ; on the other hand, they are often excessive, saturat-

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of February, March, April, and May, and 15.9 per cent, during the

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scurvy. Mental anxiety and depression seem to have etiologic signif-

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disease. Chronic Bright's disease with contracted kidneys destroys life

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Btiology. — The disease occurs with especial frequency in young

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they soften and liquefy (Wilks). On the other hand, before contraction

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The ninth cranial nerve has its origin in the posterior part of the

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position of the latter into irritating ammonium carbonate. The vomiting

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also contain tubercle bacilli and other micro-organisms. Percy Kidd

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mode of onset also aids in the distinction. Pain, tenderness, and a re-

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inhalation of oxygen will promote hematosis. The disease also requires

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from other tuberculous subjects, and it has long been supposed that

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doses (gr. xx — 1.296, three times a day), and augment as above indi-