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length, apparently, bv gradual absorption, the mesentery-like mem-
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under the general head of bowel complaints. Athough in general but little feared,
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normal with forced breathing, and yet be greatly diminished
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was done by Dr. Buerger. This raised the hemoglobin from
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Consumptive fathers most frequently transmit the disease to their sons, and tho
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cially when speaking of its solubility ; he has evidently studied
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intervention in her case lies in the fact that her condition may
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a partial outbreak in the southern province of Algarve. In 1866 the pesti-
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local relief afforded by it; hence it is unlikely to lead to a habit.
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beauty, dress, &c, but by a moral and intellectual standard, so your showing them
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veloped in lint, it and the splint are secured by a plaster-of-
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sequence the cerebral cortex appeared and provided ample
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Stanley B. First seen June 24, 1922, aged five weeks.
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was prescribed, but no dietary restrictions. He spent the sum-
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the sclerotic was yellow, there was a jaundiced condition of the skin,
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removed and the others pronounced healthy. There has been
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tare lias provided appropriate remedies lor all our diseases: Nature's calls can
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nate consignment of insane persons to asylums Dr. Maudsley
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George's Hospital. Cases of Chorea (continued from p. 234 in January
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At seven months the length is about fourteen inches; the weight about three
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three seem to be rather the common effects of one cause. The
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before noticed) pregnancy existed. In Case 2 the peritoneum was
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finger in the vagina. It rarely rises above the pelvic brim, is
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eight days. No blood ever escaped. A tumour found reaching
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Husbands should not suffer themselves to be annoyed into pestering their wives.
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assured, that the volume bearing his name is certain to be
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heavy reaction, but the ferric chlorid test was negative. The
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Our school-houses, especially those in the country, should be nearly all torn
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of his chorea. Three }ears ago he had an attack of rheumatic
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tunities '^ for England to establish some admirable institutions,
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still known to the Arabs, and many others have fallen into disuse from the ignor-
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more advanced ages, might not be due to the same morbid con-
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alcohol, and nearly insoluble in ether. It is a diuretic and a
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is also a systoHc munnur at the aortic area. There is no widen-