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would not want a harlot to wife ; nor would they like the reputation of being di-
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ouce in a little more than three minutes. According to this calculation, the whole
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Win rever you go, or which way soever you turn your eyes, you see the deformity
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red, swollen, and painful on motion. A little later the left
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impurities of the blood determined to that point, we are brought back, in the con-
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coryza and asthma. The patient had occasional attacks of
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Bartholomew's HospitaL It was determined to try again the
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ing the autumn and winter months, tuberculous patients are,
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Breathing and pulsation ensued ; but the ill-developed child died in
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dealing with a case of a functional pituitary sjoidrome. The
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Dr. Prior, of Bedford. — Porrigo Favosa is a rare disease in this
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This curious form of disease occurred in a patient who died of
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There were large numbers of Howell- Jolly bodies in the red
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Clinic of Dr. Harold E. B. Pardee, New York Hospital
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an azotemia no greater than 2 or 3 gm. succumb with toxic
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conducted from the stomach, intestines, lacteals and heart to the lungs in a magnetized
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Air is a fluid of extreme rarefaction, and is moved by the slightest force. It is
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the body, and inducing insanity, idiocy, spinal diseases, and consumption. Thou-
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Cranium. — The cranial bones were natural ; the cerebral mem-
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in the preceding year ; that of scarlatina is slightly less than in
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contained therein. Thus, in the case of chlorids and glucose,
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of them. Of antidotes Dr. Wormley very strongly recommends
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in civilization, in child-birth, and that only two reasons for this fact can be
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nary artery minutely injected. The cavities on both sides of the
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I am much in favor of the electro-galvanic or magnetic power to aid in the cure
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stance, which comes away with the water. When these last signs appear, mis-
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12th, 1867. His state was too grave to admit of much examination,
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ous blood in the large vessels — all these are causes from which this disease may
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objections which have been critically made, especially by an
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small degree dependent upon obedience to the law of God and nature.
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