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see an excessive amount of serum in the pericardium at the postmortem.

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crease rapidly in frequency, and are very rare in quite advanced life.

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which encroaches more and more upon the lumen of the vessel — a fact

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three-topic panel on “Management of Syphilis and Gonorrhea,” “Sex in Schools”

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ment, alternating with equally marked exacerbations of somewhat

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Treatment can accomplish nothing beyond a more or less com-


More or less complete loss of vision develops in these cases, either

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and areas of collapse in consequence of dilatation and occlusion of the

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emia ; (5) pulmonary affections in which the interchange of gases is in-

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per cent.), I am convinced from personal observation that the less favor-

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Among other tbiDgs, mitral stenosis differs from mitral incompetency

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often associated with acetonuria in diabetes, and sometimes in fever, or

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of catarrhal inflammations elsewhere in the bowel. Within twenty-foar

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of greatest susceptibility being from the twentieth to the thirtieth year.

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