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the treatment of the single affections, may serve as guides, particularly
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diastole, a\ hen the cardiac aneurysm is formed with corresi>onding slow-
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duce excellent results, and it is advisable in cases in which the syphilids
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condition known as coma-vigih The motor nerves show derangement
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With Boas's algesimeter we are enabled to detect the amount of
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cases the temperature remains high — 105° to 106° F. (41.1° C), and
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are caused by the simultaneous wounding of an artery and a vein during
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any other season of the year. After dry summers typhoid fever is
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agreed as to the frequency of occurrence of liver- abscess^ in amebic
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introduced by Oertel, as I have seen excellent results from its faithful
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icine in 1915, he opened his first office in Bowdon, be-
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to 108° and even 110° F. (43.3° C). There may be a rapid fall of tem-
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ease is short ; it may prove fatal in from one to four days.