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Phillips. Charles M.. L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.CS.. appointed Resident

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pherson, B.A., Gonv. and Cai.; Colby, B A., King's ; C. E. Cooper.

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building. In the same basement, and ventilating into it, are

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Svgge^tion.—l would suggest that this report be referred to a

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17,800.000 marks went to medical men 14,800,000 in medicines <ind other

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before our readers an array of facts concerning the behaviour

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dent. Assislant Medi"al Officer, and .\3sistant Resident Medical

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Southend ; Dr. E. Jepson, Durham ; Mr. E. W. Jollye, Spalding; Dr. C.

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conclusions be fully sustained after further investigation, the

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the gastric juices of the stomach, and chloride of aluminium was formed

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pliysiological action- one might be tempted to exclaim,

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This latter officer is quite as much a naval officer as the other two yst

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serted in the circular summoning the meeting at which he

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theory explain all the phenomena of menstrual pain, and

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who have much to do with our medical eliarities, and valuable

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depute for the district at the Crown Office in Edinburgh, and

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iron is given, the iron cannot take up any more sulphur, and

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Hayes, Adjutant of the corps. It is expected that about two hundred

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popularly known as " bath physicians" — tliat is. Continental

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centuries been the distinctive features of the Italian schools.

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■The only condition under which a young Indian medical officer can

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husband ; and 70 per cent, of the couplas where the vriio alone

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a Representative on the Parliamentary Bills Committee. Election of

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The vivid descriptive touches remind one of some of the

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7. Medical Jurisprudence —Principles and Practice of Med.ical Jurispru-

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cases in whicli rapid artificial evacuation of the uterus was

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That Mr Freeman has committed the offence charged against him ; the

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firmary during the past Winter." He referred first to the

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the registrar himself, but there were some disadvantages in

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Surgeon-Major G. M. J. Giles. M.B., bengal Establishment. Medical

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Berry Hart, M.D. Honorary Secretaries: A. D. Lkith Napier

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four or five weeks. Mr. Staveley found that the lotion con-

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twenty or thirty hairs, which number could easily be dropped

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of the Vienna Medical Faculty. He was for many years Chief

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there is no good in running the double risk of corneal infection