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heard, their number and size being in proportion to the extent of the

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as to its duration. In the lightest forms it may be practically absent,

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cally, when the pneumococcus will be found. When pneumonia arises

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after an existence of months or years. Usually, however, it is persist-

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result of an extension of a suppurative process from neighboring struc-

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chlorid of iron {vide Acetonuria, Diseases of the Kidney).

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of peptonized milk or skimmed milk or buttermilk ; and at 7 P. M., 200

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As a rule, the prognosis may be said to be guardedly unfavorable.

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ultory, periodic character, and was associated with other maliriil

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larynx, the trachea, and bronchi, where ulcers rather than true pustules

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stage of development, the second and third weeks (in cases of average


and pericarditis. It may also follow injuries of the antero-lateral tliiĀ»-

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When an aneurysm has been diagnosticated or even suspected, the esoph-

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purpura shows that not all cases of the latter disease are genuinely rheu-

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so common in children, affecting the lymph-glands, joints, and bones.

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composed chiefly of j)us-corpnscles, with which are intermingleĀ«I Cbar-

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toms to which the lesion gives rise are depicted under Organic Valvular

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OoQgh during the early stage is controlled by the morphin needed to

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to arise. These are best overcome by nitroglycerin in combination with

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This is exceedingly rare, the total number of cases on record being

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course, and particularly the period of convalescence, may be much

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( Croupous or Fibrinous Pneumonia ; Pneumonitis ; Lung Feoer.)

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arthritic diathesis (goTity or rheumatic) or the alcoholic habit, he c*a

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When paralyzed, flexion of the foot and toes is impossible, and sensa-

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readily located by palpation. The displaced spleen or liver can be read-

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purely hypothetic, however, for an uncombined case has only once been

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The main points of differentiation are included in the following table :

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seven days at least. The infection may reach the esophagus with the

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culation of the corpuscles that have passed into the alveolar spaces ;