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a noteworthy fact that the constitutional features in tuberculosis are not
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complication of erysipelas is worthy of special notice, for the reason
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tion. It is not improbable that these lesions result from the local action
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lo coarse pulmonary lesions are induced by the recurring hemorrhages.
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Treatment. — The condition is incurable. The patient should, how-
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iodid internally often seems to have distinct advantages as compared
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veins may, during the process of healing, become compressed, nitb
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rived from convalescent cases, but apart from a decided lowering of
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only involved to a slight degree as a rale. Areas of degeneration may
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The third year of life furnished 134 cases fBruennische, Von Rittersliaiii,
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the scraping out of old ones under an anesthetic. A supporting plu
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It may be noted here that the sensory nerves of the intestines, as
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So soon as the specificity of the disease was definitely established it
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into the mucous membranes, there also being mild fever, rapid ema-
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ticularly after taking nourishment. Local applications are of obvious
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continued tension in the blood-vessels is followed by dilatation of the
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head; this may also be reinforced by motor and sensory depressants.
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They may be operative in the upper segment, which includes the brain
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toms (tetanic rigidity of the muscles, convulsions, and paralysis) develop
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ment of such agents as strychnin and electricity. For the associated
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If both ventricles are extensively dilated, dulness extends bilaterallv
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quired. If not excessive, they are often salutary in their effect. If
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Rosenbaclis test is a modification of Gmelin's, and is more distinct.
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in which subjective sounds occur, such as whirring, buzzing, ticking, or
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superficial percussion, however, frequently gives absolute dulness.
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Urinary STStem. — The daily quantity of urine is usually increased
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rate, to decrease the size of the heart, to stimulate the nerves, and, indi-
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case " (Birch-Hirschfeld), occurring in connection with O8teo-8arcomi
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obtained as the result of free sweating induced by means of the hot bath
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accompaniments, and the outcome is frequently unfavorable.
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mechanical pressure exerted by the fecal accumulations.
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Pulmonary Infarction). (c) Croupous Pneumonia. — In this disease