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donna is very effective, but my own best results have been derived
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measurements; or, on the other hand, in favorable cases the fibroid
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lar rheumatism (polyarthritis, endocarditis, pericarditis, etc.) were re-
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be inquired into, and late hours, the eating of improper and unwholesome
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Tubercle bacilli are undoubtedly present in all inhabited places, and it
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Symptoms. — At the outset it is to be borne in mind that a joint-
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pnea^ and sometimes also, on QxerixoUj palpitation and a sense of heavi-
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or two he gathers his scattered senses, picks up the thread of the conver-
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From peritonitis we may readily distinguish catarrh of the intestines
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the nocturnal remissions being slight and defervescence gradual (yiiie
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moving it from the system, this does not explain the productive lesifflu
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form of bun<lles ; also le^)totli rices, vibrios, and bacteria are found.
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to promote a constant free action of the sweat-glands. These hygienic
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Pathology. — Ilydrothorax is, as a rule, a bilateral condition. The
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later stages or more intense forms of the disease (W. W. Johnston).
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ney usually being affected in primary carcinoma. The tumor sometimes
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