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tisticians put it, it is calculated that the deaths from small-
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claim to have produced local leprous lesions, and so also
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body of the uterus, but under normal conditions there is no
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thus seeks to come into existence through the intermediaries of an ad-
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be repeated at intervals of a few days. Repeated sterilisa-
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at Rangoon, for six months, on private affairs; Surgeon-Major S. J.
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As to the so-called "indifferent" springs, it is a mistake
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of the capillary blood vessels, in the lymph spaces of the
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name ceases to ,be applicable ; but it has changed in relative
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was given by the Frauenverein. Trained nurses were sent
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the ruptured gestation tube, which were removed from the
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sequently the Commissioners assembled at Simla in order to
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of a little pepper and salt or anchovy sauce. She was dis-
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of such children was not. It showed that the friendly socie-
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amendment was rejected. The result is that a rent of 3,000
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posed of degenerate clubs, and that the disease was of
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Zander's authority, that hydrochloric acid cures anremia
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ignorant and unwary helps to create a sense of security for
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mitted into the Royal Hospital for Children and Women
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deceased. For the detection of crime the inquest is fre-
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tinguishing which was the initial segmental movement. In
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be successful, the child giving a few gasps (like tlie long-
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can be improved short of doing away with them altogether.
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Volunieer Battalion Hampshire Regiment (late the 1st Isle of Wight) has
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claim upon the Department. Out of a total strength of 8'.il
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people will regret the abolition of their middle class car-
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As previously stated, Bunge holds that the only u^e of in-
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21st, at 7 for 7.30 p.m., to celebrate the tercentenary of the
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public service as sanitary inspectors ,- (c) to secure a State appointment
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The third annual general meeting of this Society was held on .\pril 2.5th.
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completely; the fifth was operated on and died. Of his case
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to his duties until a few months ago, when he had to take to
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â– definitely prolonged, the os does not open up, and the
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bridge Hall, Northumberland Road (opposite the College
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age ; for whilst there were 34 per cent, in 1871, there were only
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14th his progress was uneventful. He had no sickness pain