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The natare of the ^^ whoop '' has been frequently discussed to show
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expiration of two years. The average duration of the disease probablj
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women and children succumb to the disease, and that it is less fatal among
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the erect posture, is the legs. Bloody serum may be effused into bullae
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described particularly by JoflFroy and Achard. They speak of it as a
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door life, and in whom the breaking-down stage is not too far advanced.
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may become suspicious, and later is subject to delusions and halluci-
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other causal affections, myocarditis may be suspected. Later, signs of
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(hyaline transformation of Zenker). The fibers are swollen, truili-
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lation, due to pressure backward upon the renal structure by the enor-
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is some trauma. In the slight forms absolutely nothing characteristic
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Treatment. — The treatment of acute gastro-intestinal catarrh di-
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harmful. Too much liquid should not be taken during a meal, since it
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ardial structures or from the pleura, particularly the left. This is a
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fall of temperature to subnormal and an irregular pulse are also very
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ures that will tend to increase the weight and fat of the body. The
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▼arious conditions causing true gastric hemorrhage, lead to a correct inter-
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tion. Secondarily^ catarrhal stomatitis may be associated with certain
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(tarry) color, according to the quantity and the time allowed for decom-
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the anest/i^tiiy, while a third or mixed type is described by some authors.
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of the stage or the variety of kidney it is almost impossible to tell oor-
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bronchitis. In emphysema and chronic bronchitis small hemorrhages
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blushing appear {Quincke's capillary puhe) ; this may also be noted in
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ire Taried and numerous, depending upon the number, size, and distri-
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trials '^t b«nij:t< ..t' larjt-r -size shouM be made. I have seen tni:'-
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often it is discontinuous and lasts from a few hours to several days. Afi<r
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disinfected, and bedding had better be burned ; none but the attendants
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irations, and later mountains of a considerable height, the object being to
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of participation in health related spheres and the con-
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IHognosis. — In the presence of the following group of features the
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Si-iimry Cortical Area. — Owing to the extensive compensation of sen-
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f'o0Mf/jfft/ft4 KUr4^jmM 'jf Ttmper^tmrt.. — After bodi the erening
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