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ilso met with several instances in which it followed joint-rheumatism,

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racter to those observed in the joints, and innumerable areas of necrosis,

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below, the costal marsin in the mammary line. The liver, if projecting

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primarily tissue-metabolism, but also, that while high temperature is an

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'd) Fruits : Lemons, oranges, and nuts (except chestnuts).

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action of the heart ; particularly is this true at night. The carbohy-

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the latter may mount high or become markedly irregular.

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roots of the same side will be found atrophied, and the muscles wasted,

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in the former sex (rheumatism, chorea, chlorosis). The endocarditis of

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Chronic rheumatism is distinguished from gout by the fact that the

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and one cup of tea or water (300-400 c.c). I constantly advise the

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moved, spread on a glass plate with a black background, and examined


probably provoked by the specific lesions. On the other hand, a pro-

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patient for six to twelve hours or more after the temperature has begun

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certain fibers being involved, and as a rule the recti abdominis, the dia-

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. a chill that is accompanied by pains in the back and legs, prostration,

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13. Hydatids are rare, and exceedingly so in America. They may

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103°, 104°, or 105° F. (39.4°-40.5^ C), and is usually thus main-

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witn advantage in the form of a spray when the expectoration is too free.

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however, not generally held to-day. It is highly probable that the

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^me, careful attention is to be bestowed upon all the details of the

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ometimes the first indication of abscess. The prognosis is favorable,

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and endemic conditions, have a strong predisposing influence also.

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Composition and Appearance. — ^Water comprises from 2 to 5

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Jacksonian epilepsy is characterized by spasm that is generally local

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prodromal symptoms appeared in about one-half the instances (in 111

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of the human family the bacilli not only gain entrance into the body, but

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autliors, however, are agreed that cardiac hypertrophy may be a setjoel.

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