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days, and then subside, with simultaneous abatement of the severe local

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this disease, giving evidence of an epidemicity. Certain authors, how-

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health. Marked nervous ayraptoms do not appear; indeed, the mimi

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according to individual peculiarities, the character of foo«l taken, ani

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seven weeks. The pulse is rapid and irregular, though frequently be^

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Our present knowledge of the pathology and etiology of uremia,

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— That this plays no mean role in many cases of appendicitis I have

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with the typhus contagion has not, as yet, been isolated, notwithstand-

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Eossibilities are excluded. It is highly probable that there is a form of

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laundresses who are also obliged to handle the soiled clothing, and who

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of the neck and tlie wall of the thorax. Rarely these air-sacs perforate

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cortex sends fibers to both sides of the body, and that the decussation

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of paresis or paralysis in the other half — that is, the symptom-complex

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particular cause can be assigned to the condition. The influence of

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runs in the cavernous sinus, and enters the orbit through the sphenoid

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drafts) must be supplied, The medicaments and the nourishment are to

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occur oftenest in the mediastinum and serous membranes.

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to mention only the most useful, which may be used singly or com-

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The course is usually rapid, occupying from two to six weeks on the

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spread to any of the larger joints, and, although incurable, it is free

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drainage and cultivation for longer or shorter periods, entirely free from

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irith each subse(|uent diastole the abnormal amount of blood contained

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develop in the course of chronic mental diseases. Occasionally, however,

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le typhoid bacillus, and the diplococcus of pneumonia. Tne micro-

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membranes ; the former being given preferably either in the form of

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increased. As a result of the i)olvuria the skin and mucous membian*

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ferrocyanid are then added, and if either albumin or hemialbumose be

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remained for Losch, and especially Kartulis, to show its close associa-

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the cerebral symptoms are also well marked, but the fever is moderate.

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neys, chronic interstitial nephritis, and in amvloid kidney they may

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from ^ to 1 inch ( cm.) beyond the right sternal margin. Dila-

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Fox also warmly advocates the latter remedy in this affection. Trachewskr.

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develop slowly and gradually and narrow its lumen ; the latter conditions

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to remission, to be followed by exacerbations of the symptoms, ire

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and especially when, at the same time, the general nutrition receives