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during several years, in such a way that it is not easy to determine whether

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nerves for the sphincter of the iris and the ciliary muscles do not go directly

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pyramidal tract, yet in many cases the disease is not limited absolutely to this

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â– inflammation, repair, suppuration, ulceration, mortification, embolism,

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Elven James Berkheiser, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery (Orthopedic).

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of the University at least fourteen days before the commencement of

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Leon Perdue Smith, Assistant Dean of Students, Cobb Lecture Hall, Room 203.

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Competitive examinations will be instituted in those cases where the

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limited means who intend to parsne the higher studies. They must

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the brain where the new growth must be. Sometimes we may be led into

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three months' will be required ; Practical Chemistry, Botany or Zoology, and

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for weeks and months in the interval between the attacks, there can be no

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Henry Greenwood, M.D. St. Andrew's, 4, Talbot -place,

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(4) fk)n-Sp6re-Forming Bacilli. Several genera of bacteria in this group are

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that have been mentioned in the description of myelitis. Absolute rest and

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persons who have to do some severe and persistent bodily work, also in alco-