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There is a prompt rise of fever, the temperature leaping to 103° or

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or car-tubule is pale, though seldom thin or hydremic, and the paleoM

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It rarely affects the fetus in utero, and most babes even, who are ex-

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septic, especially no mercurial solution, has lately been applied. In cases

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ture is frequent. The shrinking shortens the curtains or curls their

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niaa glands are involved. The cliaracteristic feature in splenic pseudo-

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pears before the fatal termination. As I have already stated, stenoji*

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centage of cases it develops early, and is most probably the result of a

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symptoms be present, often associated with high temperature, water at

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and associated with colicky pain, tenesmus, and the presence of mucus

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of urates to occur in concentrated urine exposed to a cool atmosphere.

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daring conralescence both are diminished. On the other hand, the

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cases entirely lack the catarrhal stage, just as there are many cases that

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{a) An absence of the sound of mitral-valve tension, a murmur repltcing

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fall, and especially if the patient has had insomnia), or they may be of

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the bronchioles and the corresponding air-cells become blocked with in-

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nervous phenomena. My chief purpose in describing lithemia separately

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household measures, such as the application of ice to the nose or to the

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istic features a positive diagnosis is a simple problem. But at any period

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be separated from the true neurotic enteralgia. The former are distin-

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parasitic ova, bacteria, blood-clots, and tube-casts.

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pathetic nerves), it is difficult to say whether the terminal fibers in-

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attack : (b) the mana<rement of the intervals between the seizures. TU'

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flammation, some of which may be the seat of '' coagulation-necrosis."

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Idiopathic muscular atrophy occasionally commences in adult life, and in

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or fibro-cascous change. These minute, hard gray or grayisb-yellof

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weight and fulness with slight uneasiness. As the proportion of trans-

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Neuralgia of the First Branch (Ophthalmic Neuralgia). — The chief

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renders audible a double systolic murmur. The latter sign is probably