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coldness, delirium, coma, and convulsions. Subcutaneous and submucous
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may be erythematous, papulo-squamous, or more rarely roseolous like that
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a lid. They are made of stout cane work and permit of evaporation of
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some cases by this treatment, it is by no means easy to determine how much is to be attributed
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be kept wet with the solution several minutes. Should the redness and
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times, of late, he was thus instantly bereft of consciousness, and thrown
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drachm of common salt in a pint of sterile water at a temperature of about
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appear in various parts of the body. Eegular oedema of the lower ex-
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former affection. Whdp it is remembered that in leprosy, muscular atrophy,
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Treatment. — Use a well-fitting tube with a movable shield, and leave
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develop and run their course. A few spots may appear many days before