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and gout. Other causes are— amyloid and fatty degeneration of the
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more value than suspension. The diet should not be heavy, and if p*
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while rarely a fistulous connection is established between different parts
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are increased. It cannot be inflated ; is extremely friable, and its lace-
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lycosis (thrush), especially in children. The diagnosis of the particu-
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pyelitis, while marked pain in the region of the kidney indicates predom-
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witn advantage in the form of a spray when the expectoration is too free.
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joints are somewhat swollen, at times slightly reddened, tender upon
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Since the brilliant results obtained by Murray, however, the internal
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The couffhy like the chest-pain and respiration, is somewhat charac-
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origin has been traced. Wells, storage reservoirs, springs, and rivers
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Dor claims to have succeeded in finding a definite organism in arth-
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digestion, particularly after excessive indulgence in certain kinds of
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glandular swelling and cellulitis, the neck becoming enormously enlarged
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The trigeminus nerve has an extensive origin from the floor nfik*
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change is a marked neurogliar overgrowth, as shown by Ddjerine. The
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The prognosis is favorable in hygienic surroundings until the more
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Blmtation of the trunk and rarely of the main branches. From the ter-
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and usually occurs after middle life, especially in cases with a gouty
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the pharynx to be deeply injected and the seat of marked inflimmatorr
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stomach {idceres ex digestione) may sometimes be found at the lower end
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are injected, the lids swollen and pink ; the skin livid, due to a minute
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assume various shapes, chiefly rounded and polygonal ; they have vesic-
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asphyxia in quinsy is extremely rare. In debilitated and strumous in-
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The ribs become affected very early. Anteriorly, where they join the
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