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undue accumulation of the urates in the circulating medium. Here the
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has a fistulous connection with a bronchus, but occasionally the abscesses
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noted in women. Hysteric females and those of a highly neurotic con-
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early adult life than during more advanced years. The congeniul
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or physical exertion, vertigo, depression of spirits, and well-marked liypf-
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plegia has been observed during the attack, though it is more common
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water (5 c.c. dil. sol.). Heat to the boiling-point, and add 1 c.c. of
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The aUcenf of an ficute diHi*asc may arrest and cure a tuberculous pro-
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tliematous cutaneous <'ni})tion is often present, and particularlv in febr:!*
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lateral tracts. Breaks and crevices in the diseased material radiate from
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occur, a solution of hydrogen peroxid and cold water or glycerin (1 : 5)
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(4) Unhygienic Influences. — Those who live under unfavorable sanitary
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The treatment is practically of no avail. Mercury, iodids, arsenic,
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Technique in Vaccination. — The part selected should be made sur-
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Symptoms* — These will depend very much upon the rapidity with
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frequently in the lungs, a circulating embolus first finding lodgement in
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they are loss of flesh and nervous symptoms, and the latter may simu-
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day, followed by the malarial paroxysm. Quite commonly, infection by
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tenkofer, which contends that the spirilla found in the serous evacua-
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able, and is bathed in purulent material ; and microscopic observation
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culatory system, but remain at or very near the site of the local changes.
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riorly or in the infra-axillary region, and a little later there is dulness.
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quencc of the action of a common cause. (4) Constant ovrrtiniiuj of tii
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(a) Gnmmy Tumors. — These appear as yellowish-white scattered
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ing rise to more or less associate<l catarrhal tonsillitis. The local >uV
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has been perforated the abscesses burrow through the mediastinum into
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red or almost brown in color) develop in addition to anesthesia. W
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The general symptoms simulate those of chronic glanders, the fever-