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ity of adequate diagnostic facilities are all important in determining what should

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'PSithoiOgy. — In genuine primary contraction of the kidneys there

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intense cyanosis in consequence of an aggravated bronchial catarrh.*'

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kfuiia, but is without the tendency to a fatal end. It is probably the

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The special senses and the sphincters are normal. Ocular symptoms

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dbtain, though the apex is in some instances lifted, and in others the

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cess on the nasal mucous membrane which brings on the paroxysms by

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scribed dulness and moist riles must be found present in the same

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erysipelas with particular reference to complications gave an interesting

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owing to the fact that the lungs overlap the heart, becomes lessened and

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in cnaracter, with ten or more nuclei. The mucosa and muscularis ad-

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community’s health-related organizations and their ser-

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(3) The so-called alimentary glycosuria has frequently been induced

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some other organ or system in another, and the effect of traumatism in

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they have been found in the water used for drinking-purposes.

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now repeat themselves. The affection has usually, by this time, reached

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Thus, then, vre can account for the aphasia so often met with in tbese

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which, I believe, belongs largely to nervous dyspepsia* though I shall refer

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(7) Catarrhal enteritis in children, with prominent abdominal symp-

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(especially of saccharine substances), which prevent the nutrition of the

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metabolism is dependent upon the same causes as in gout, but lithemia dif-

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A certain class of cases is met with, however, in which the catarrhal

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while after the latter rice, eggs, fish, and other light forms of meat

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introduced with the food or drink, and Bostroem, from a study of 32

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eration. , Leukocytes, micrococci, the leptothrix buccalis, and the re-

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(4) As previously stated, the eruption appears with the termination of

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the colon. An ocular examination of the stools furnishes important prac-

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short ones end in relation with cells of the anterior horns, and are con-

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