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The mechanical means of relieving habitual constipation, as by

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tend an inch or two from the vesicle. Quite frequently the axillary or

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Differential Diagnosis. — In the very early stage the local condition

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tion of the voice is sometimes provoked. The posterior nares as ii^fD

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are so helpful in phthisis. Forests, and particularly pine-groves, favor

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deficiency of the hepatic and intestinal secretions. Two sets of causes

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deed probable, that the sensory zone extends to the mesial surface of

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frequently in the course of epidemic infltienza have been complicated

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Definition* — A constitutional disease, characterized by the same

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Water. Dissolves on boil- Dissolves on boil- Unchanged.

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(g) A person may have a single or many recurring attacks of honiop-

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and in these so-called *' rheumatic paralyses " electricity is an important

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asnally be found where one continuous bruit, covering a portion of the

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as a rule, particularly noticeable in the corpus callosum and commissures,

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tongue, lips, and nose are thickened, and the voice is monotonous, slov,

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latter — to indicate some of the more salient lineaments, so to speak, in

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may infer the existence of esophageal implication, though there be no


pnlse (coupled beats, allorrhytkmia). When two beats follow each other

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nuclear, practically nothing can be done. If the condition is due to

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course), leading to tuher(Milous invasion of the lungs; and (3) Chronic

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enumerated. A microscopic examination shows an increased rate of pro-

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may be used as a mouth-wa^^li. If copious hemorrhages occur, hemostatics

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