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disease of the liver is in an advanced stage. Besides these, oedema of the lungs,
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height, or was declining in another, placed apparently under the same general
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cases of natural labour, in other cases it is the duty of the mid-
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years after the forest is cut down, and the ploughshare turns up the soil to
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retained if the contrivance is discarded shortly after it J
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V. M— , »t. 7, brought to L'H6pital des Enfents, July 24, 1866.
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have been surprised at the improvement in vision some
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suite de la Ligature. Par Th. Cocteau, Docteur en Medi-
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all, leastwise not until we see whether the "cold" will
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tricts; and in these, the quantity of malaria seems to be insufficient to
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to which villi have grown, show a marked fatty degeneration.
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have never observed any very satisfactory results from
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and in many cases it was of a severe form, although not proving
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solved in distilled water, and is ready for the experiment.
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pharmacist. The patient should, besides, confine himself
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lation, and have in this respect followed the example of
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abundance of BUaAB was found in the urine. Frangue says that in a female
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continues but exceptions increase; after puberty, ante-flexion
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reminds us that the latter must be used with great caution and
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holes, in each of which in succession additional plates are placed, is
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disease did not reinvade the country till 1855, although in 1858 it existed
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lithotomy in children, and on Uthotrity. It is pointed out, and
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selves. They gradually thicken, and contract from the edges to the centre.
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2. The Nerves of the Uterus and their Termination in the Smooth
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is rapid, the separation cannot take i)lace; but in the capillary system, where the
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to be a human or inhuman craving on the part of all the
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years in its most acute form without producing organic change. How
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great number of arsenical spots were obtained. Lastly, a female took
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in front. Great toes flexed; nothing unusual in the head, the
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^ This is no doubt true, and its results upon the interpretation of treatment