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nervous affection. The valerianates and the bromids (the latter eontinueii

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(rf) Local mechanical influences may offer resistance or obstruction to

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vitality may be met by the use of palliatives, tonics, and by a nutritious

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connect two or more ulcers. Usually this ulcerative process affects only

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•ilhr «f panuac tbe ewteiHs of ibe stomach into the intestines. Thta ))

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nearly always having hallucinations, either of sight or sound. Often their

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S'am, and in the worst cases morphin hypodermically, should be freely

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inflammation, hoarseness and a dry, hacking cough are produced.' After

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separated from the subjacent mucous surface, leaves a deeper and larger

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The disease may last from a few months to sometimes a year or two.

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sium chlorate may exert a beneficial effect in those cases in which rt-'U'

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If the case be syphilitic in origin, potassium iodid should be exhibited

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enlarged and the subject of fatty degeneration. Hemorrhagic infarction

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weakness of the muscular coat, sometimes owing to its partial destruc-

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orrhage, perforation, peritonitis, etc.), and in the absence of serious

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often demonstrable by palpation. E. R. Axtell reports a case in which

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mncoas membrane. The first stage is characterized by swelling and dry-

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ion may ensue. In 8 cases the bacillus of anthrax was isolated.

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(2) Chronic Glanders. — A rare disease which presents rather mild but

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presence of pus or blood ; in such cases the condition is not a true

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economic plight of the country in the field of medical care.

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but clinical experience has taught us that it is useful in some cases and not

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The distinctive diagnostic features of this disease may be shown by

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stitutional symptoms of simple erythematous tonsillitis at the nutser are

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reach 104-104f ° F. (40.3° C). When the temperature rises above 105°

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the liver. Among other products found in the urine worthy of mention

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foiniiionly encountered, however, in the cachectic states produced hj

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nised, and are— (1) Sex : it being about twice as frequent in males as in