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should not be employed when compensation can be preserved in other

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causing depressions, while flattened protuberances may develop over the

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from three to four times this size. They will take either the carmin

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tration of strychnin, will promptly eflFect a cure in the incontinence of

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to extreme distention by fecal accumulation between a cancerous stricture

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bronchia^ and lumbar glands are also affected, thougli less frequently.

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eral character — ^such as a fatty degeneration of the walls of the small

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excretion of nitrogen in the form of urea, despite the abnormal destru-

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carditis, r'or a des(Tij)tion of the symptx)ms that characterize the cen^

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Digitalis does not hold an important place in the heart-weakness of

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females (iwma pndendiv) are also seen. In those very rare cases that

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annually at or about the same time. The invasion is marked by pro-

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but also practically during the spring, although the cases are seen to

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blood lost under these circumstances is usually small. There are many

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lution of gas resulting from the fermentation of the sugar takes place,

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anteriorly or posteriorly, or the evidence of pleurisy may be associated

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t»rtho}inea and threatening asphyxiation. To confirm the diagnosis a

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complt^to perforation. 1 have seen repeated instances in which the thw

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and supplies all the muscles of the larynx except tho&e named above.

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ceptibility to the disease, and among additional influences which possess

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ymptoms may rarely be latent. The cervical glands may be enlarged.

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of the voice, but later there may be pronounced hoarseness or even com-

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The term '' idiopathic anemia '* applied to this disease by Addison,

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is this nerve that is supposed to be concerned in the production of wtli-

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Pre-ernptiye Stage. — The early symptoms are either a series of chills

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sent so-called choleraic eruptions (macular, roseolar, erythema, purpura,

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Klemperer, this is not a rational indication. The carbonate and citrate

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ment of erysipelas. The list of agents that have been used topically

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is the result of exposure to wet or cold or to the daily inhalation of