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the patient's mode of living. The course may be shortened by sever?
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of the abdomen is practically filled, variations in its size being observed
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stalsis, in which the movement occurs from right to left, has also been
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frequently other forms of acute endocarditis, cause union of the semi-
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condition does not yield to internal medicines, treatment per rectum
gradually to a condition of extreme debility, even if it does not, as is
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form of otitis. This is the seat, too, of the so-called '^ rheumatic neur-
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The nervous phenomena have been suflSciently detailed. MeningitU
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may five way until several abscesses or one large pus-sac may be
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though less commonly. The so-called hypostatic congestion is often
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tongue, mouth and pharynx, thymus gland, and the solitary and
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sels of the intestines, by removing the collateral edema, and by indi-
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to collapse. Jaundice is rare in consequence of this deformity '* (Strum-
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the affection the chalk deposits slowly and gradually increase until the
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lymph-vessel, and thus scatter the bacilli to the remotest parts of the
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pathologic events in the aged. There may be associated atrophr of tbf
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the distribution of the palsy is more symmetric bilaterally, and after
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perature rises to 104° or 105° F. (40° or 40.5° C), and the pulse-be»i*
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legenerative changes in the terminal blood-vessels of the lung, though
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lobar pneumonia, secondary lobar pneumonia, and lobar pneumonia with
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be given with digitalis in pill-form. Later, systemic tonics are often de-
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enlargement, lateral bulgings, and the flattening in the middle,'* is
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raphy) already enable us to detect non-penetrable foreign bodies in the
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SytnptOtns. — The period of incubation may be short or long in
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means of a stethoscope applied to the abdomen. They are sometimes
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been warmly recommended, and small doses of Fowler's solution of
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be given subcutaneously. Internally, large doses of the tincture of the
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Prognosis. — The detection of a cardiac, murmur should not alone
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ging the rib below the interspace, but endeavoring to avoid striking its
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or, hebetude, contracted pupils, and depressed fontanels. The som-
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ing presented is less symmetric, and the course is far less acute than
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brothers. Again, that this substance, acting upon the albuminous ele-
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tion, though the latter symptom is never as marked as in advanced tabes.
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