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rheumatic fever. One attack of pneumonia predisposes to others ; twenty-

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cocci existing in pairs, as 1 he diplococcus lanceolatus, or the diplo< o<

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which has been placed in the tissues for the purpose of coaptating some

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the beginning of the eruptive stage, and the occurrence of complications,

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and contain curdy masses mixed with mucus. There is a peculiar odor to

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eration in the cystic walls. Ulceration of the walls is frequently found in

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food may be administered j^er rectum. Ether, musk, and camphor are re-

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more or less forcible, according as right or left ventricular hypertrophy

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they may preserve their outline and appearance for a long time. If the

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extensive. Gummata may be developed in the nodules of syphilitic pneu-

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a diminution or absence has been noticed in all acute febrile diseases with

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annoying and often painful symptom. There is progressive emaciation,

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of the affected tissues. In some cases, no caseation and softening follow,

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upward. The temperature of the paralyzed limbs is first elevated, but

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obtained by grasping the great trochanter and rotating the limb out-

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and in the superficial layers of the surface epithelium. On the parts of

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the dislocation is reduced, a Yelpeau's bandage may be applied or the

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as to induce free daily evacuations from the bowels. Violent exercise, espe-

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marked epidemics of it are recognized. It is common after asthenic in-

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stipation should be avoided by daily keeping the bowels freely moved. This

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prevented the occurrence of the relapse. Opium in full doses was then

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and the upper part of the jejunum. It probably has no intermediate

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proposed are defective, as they rest only on empirical basis. It is known

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in the interscapular space over the spine, and to make traction outward

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sputa are yellow, or l)r>;wn : i. e., i)urulcnt or bloody ; alkaline at first, but