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of his wife, after a long and trj'ing illness. Sleep was
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rickety children, and are often considered in a decline. It is, however,
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in the urine of each patient increased to double the previous
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of structure in the gum and palatine membrane ; it does not present, in any
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the superior part of the iris, and a small portion of the dilated pupil, to be
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On endeavouring to define its lateral limits with the knife, I soon discovered
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veins. We have now, however, to notice a complete refutation of the
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Case 413 gave a positive reaction and only ran a course of
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having caught a cold, followed by a headache and lack of appetite.
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transference of the poison from one person to another.
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The authenticity of the report is questioned by those only who are unwill-
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teriemia. Many investigators have examined the blood
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Eichhorst states that the simplest remedy for the cure of
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converts to the utility of intubation and its superiority
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otomy, and blowing air into the lungs, the patient died in a few hours.
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capable of producing trophic disturbances, multiple or local-
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much more surprising even, than all that is asserted in the present day, if we
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vasomotor paralysis together with somewhat widespread
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was in rxtremia does not require that it be shown that they
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stage of maltose. The patient was put on a farinaceous diet,
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December 4th. — She was directed to increase the dose three drops daily ;
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to be an old one by the characters of its border, which were smooth, rounded,
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the peritoneum. Without a very clear conception and
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seems still to exist in the minds of many practitioners.
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indications corresponding to the severity of the syrnpioms ; slight crepitation
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In an important communication presented at a recent
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respecting the cause of "wind-contusions;" neither was it my design to
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indigo. Multiply the number of cubic centimeters of
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disagreeable feeling of the eyes immediately disappeared.
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.Tones and E. Jowers. Visiting dermatologist-s — Drs. 'I. Dyer,
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found six cases of plague in eight days, and that since
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March 25th. — Pains in the joints have increased. Augment the dose to
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cal improvement which is so essential to the respectability of the profession,
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morbid condition. Where but in Germany, could such a delusion spring up
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relieved in her life before. She was now kept for some days under the full
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