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effect. The patient's condition gradually became worse,
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ently normal. During her fourth week in hospital the
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sive raw surface. In operating on a similar case again I
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as nearly twelve months ago Dr. Bemheim had sent him a
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ity arid dearer, and hence the reluctance of gas companies to
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increased in number and the animal sweats profusely.
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subdivide — the internal and external iliacs ilrop into
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profession of medicine. Did it cure its infatuated votaries ? Far
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facility. As this is an exprnsive and delicate substance, it is to be
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packed together. There was no appearance of secondary
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•)ne case the child had to be kept under the narcoti."
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to her, and she should not be shifted from place to
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The lime and sulfur should be carefully weighed and pre-
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running head, such as bloodstains and silver impreg-
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eighteenth day, and found a definite thickening on the
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maintained about infected localities. Infected pastures
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yngeal diphtheria and tracheobronchial obstruction,
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kis own showing, and on inquiry we cannot preceive to what his
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excite our slightest suspicion? Yet if a blood test
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Reports of Societies, Associations, Hospitals and Clinical Lectures,
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der authority of a circular letter issued on January
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appearance of the coat should be carefully noted. Is
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plete absence of hair, and it resembled normal buccal
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the bite is longer on one side than on the other, will
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when treatment had commenced. The case in which Dr.
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suffering from cancer of the gullet, it is very easy to
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she ultimately went, and I understand that she has since then,
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the young chicks in the shell, ''pipping" of the Qgg,
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large a part of the Confederacy, and after all the many hostile
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all wounds would heal at once if the parts were brought
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The horse should also be tested as to his ability and
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zation of the science has not kept pace with its ad-
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tainer, with thermometer and level gauge, a dropper, to
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necessary, convalescence appearing to be fully established.
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ones were in evidence on the throat, lips, and on both feet.