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tongue dry and brown. Vomiting is now a frequent occurrence ; diar-

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From influenza in its early stages it is most difiicult to differentiate the

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first-quality hats, especially the English hats. The great fac-

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intense procedures. In such cases only small portions of the body

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lens and Abbe condenser, or. at the least, ^- or i-inch (0.36 cm. or 0.31

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ous attack. According to her own written history, which is here abbreviated, her

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tured on here, for it undoubtedly has a tendency to hasten

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cold-water treatment practically eliminates deaths from bronchopneumonia

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external influences that are apt to excite " cold."

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glasses, and kept in this way it is less liable to infection through unclean-

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perature, relief of pain, and alleviation of the general malaise than do

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evening temperature (99.6° F. or over) is. if associated with any dis-

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Von Noorden gives some interesting points in regard to

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baths daily were given on three successive days, so that a more decided

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Gluten flour from a Boston firm : Moisture, 10.90 ; gluten,

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a watering-pot containing water of a temperature of 70° F. (21.1° C).

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may also be a diffuse infiltration and caseation without any special foci,