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Respecting the causal relation of acute rheumatism, two facts should be

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rated substances. In rare cases the membrane has spread into the

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usually aggravated by pressure over the costal margin and by lying on

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The left border of the deep cardiac dulness extends outside the nipple-

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» decreased or absent over the lower portion of the chest, and there is

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lated, however, and the relation of its parts is maintained much a^f in

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tial pneumonia, cannot be discriminated from other forms of that disease

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brmed with the strictest asepsis, and the amount of liquid withdrawn at

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foreign substances. Nephritis may exist when the casts are always to

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establishes the diagnosis. The tinnitus and the character of the deaf-

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In chronic endocarditis the liability to the acute form is greatly in-

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bowels soluble ; in addition, alkaline mineral waters may be used, and

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mistakes, though the condition may be simulated more or less closely by

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oculated either with the toxins or the bacilli of diphtheria. In preparing

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icians as a truly specific remedy. In 74 cases of erysipelas which were

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organism of Laveran is pathognomonic of pernicious malarial fever, as is

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channel 8, Athens, Georgia, and later on highlights of the conference will be pre-

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cracked ice with champagne, or repeated doses of creasote (beechwood),

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■iiial tributaries the process may extend to the capillaries, and even to

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is annoying, and the symptoms of subacute and chronic gastritis (inter-

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but soon the heart grows more and more feeble and venous stasis ensues.

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chronic Bright's disease, and syphilis it is probably due largely to the

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Klemperer, this is not a rational indication. The carbonate and citrate

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which allays the irritability of the mucous membrane involved and