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pathic physicians everywhere of the rapid approach of the date

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Manus, the oldest practitioner and pioneer of homoeopathy in this State : therefore

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Medical Rhymes. Selected and compiled by Hugo Erichsen, M.D. St. Louis,

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but right and proper that my contribution to your meeting

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of despair. This woman made the journey, sixty miles,

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1. Children are like the mob : they always complain with rea-

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that goes through the wall produces always, so to speak, a

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pathological hypothesis by a pharmaceutical one.'* This is the

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crepitation which may be called " appalling," but it does

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cotton, the granulations broke down with the slightest touch,

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vised. Personally, we have not been satisfied with the results

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two marks, and 4 had three marks. Of the whole 73, 18 died.

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Medical Society to the International Medical Congress at Philadel-

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of Batavia, East Aurora Academy, and Genesee Wesleyan Seminary

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When the active power [vis viva) is weak (beyond the

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Summer Haunts of American Artists ; " an anonymous writer,

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has been hit — are by no means rare. They are especially

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spitting produced by changes of the barometric pressure in

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tiated (1st) from organic disease of the spine, (2d) from incipient

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ident man zvitJi his bank account, they have been in the habit of

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in arresting general oozing (solutions of alum, concentrated

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hospitals, and has been in successful surgical practise in the borough

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are attached need not discard them, since, in the majority of

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impression on it with my uterine dressing-forceps. The os was

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dying body, has been vouchsafed to literature — if we, perhaps,

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reason why it should not very successfully fulfil its purpose, and,

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and stated, that, since the more accurate knowledge of the meth-

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gone to receive from the everlasting Father the welcome, "Well done, good and

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ege and graduated in i863. While at college he evinced

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her offspring with meat-juices and " strengthening" drinks, till

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schools of his native town until iS3o, when upon the

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the laws of its operations, we certainly cannot venture to set

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years he delivered a course of lectures annually to ad-

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theria, was not applied to it until about the year 1826. Previous

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