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nosis. By this means we ascertain the degree and the seat of the stric-

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eruption ; 2. Fever absent, the symptoms mild, with eruption ; 3. The

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the symptoms persisting with progressive emaciation and final exhaustion.

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tion, and is usually a remnant of one of the acute forms, particularly of

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manent damage due to degeneration of some of the paths of conduction.

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(5) Pleurisy may be, though rarely, the starting-point of phthisis.

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hydrochloric acid is absent from the gastric juice, and that the total

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for increased cardiac action, such as undue mental emotion or excite-

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treatment, though modern surgery gives promise of curing a cenain

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latter often presage a fresh hemorrhage. There is mo<lerate fever, a* a

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Rupture of the duct^ followed by fatal peritonitis, has been known to

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dry cough and the physical signs indicate more or less extensive bron-

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(3) Tuberculosis of tJie VesiculsB Seminales, Prostate, and Testes. — The

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of the affection, but cannot set the question of diagnosis at rest. The

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cirrhosis, and fatty degeneration, grave cerebral symptoms (acute

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esting case occurring in the person of an infant. Clinically, it pre-

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are therefore similar in structure, the differences possibly being due to

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in the very young is often a convulsion ; whereas, though in meningitis

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the abscess is emptied into the pericardium, giving rise to fatal acute

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duct, as persistent and intense jaundice (which occurs in three-fourths of

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developmental rather than pathologic, since other defects of embryonic

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many cases the stools are semifluid (pultaceous), and rarely they contain

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flushed cheeks gradually become dusky, the face expressionless, and the

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dition shows decided improvement. Purgatives do good when given in

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Approval was given by the House to the recommendation of the Emergency

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while teething or during convalescence from fever, with high tempera-

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. a chill that is accompanied by pains in the back and legs, prostration,

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{c) In spontaneous pyemia, in which there is no wound to act as t

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In the microscopic examination use a -j^inch ^2.11 mm.) oil-immenioii

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conclusion of convalescence the hair falls out, but, fortunately, it is

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when defervescence is retarded presents an irregular type. I have else-

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times verified by the subsequent autopsy. Inasmuch as the essential

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for weeks. In rare cases there may be necrotic inflammation about the

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Syphilis must be carefully excluded by the history, symptoms, aad

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