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diseases ; also as a part of the pathology of acute yellow atrophy of the

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patient is beyond hope of recovery. Surely, in a disease that so often

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qiontaneous remissions during the day (e. g. when chronic bronchitis

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(salicylic acid 2 per cent, or boracic acid 2 per cent.). When poiniioj

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The treatment has been detailed in the discussion of Gastric

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data are most important factors in making a discrimination. In trphos

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The patient should be put upon a dry diet in order to increase the

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ished resistance, due to weakened cardial walls. Each of these may lĀ«

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aiming to reinforce Nature's efforts at spontaneous recovery, and embra-

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nschuld found it present in 33 out of 109 cases. Another variety of

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is common {e, g. in Bright's disease). In dilated hypertrophy the first

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serve, as their breathing is chiefly of the costal type. The abdomen

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chambers of the heart and in the veins ā€” most frequently in the femoral,

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more, in about two-fifths of all cases there is more than one attack,

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IMagfllOSis. ā€” It is important to make a microscopic examination of

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monitory stage the albuminuria is often intermittent, and hence that

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quite severe, while pressure over the painful area elicits great tenderness.

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then discontinue for the greater part of the day. The bodily nutrition

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by its existence. Even in organic valvular disease of the heart hyper-

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Ordinarily, the children are (juiet and apathetic, but they may be queru-

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centuation of the second pulmonary sound, and a comparatively small and

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Treatment. ā€” The toxic action of mercury in the production of

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those eases in which sclerosis of the cord occurs. Tabetic ajmptoau

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under the impression that the child is "only teething."

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separated from the subjacent mucous surface, leaves a deeper and larger

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