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ulceration the application must be made directly to these areas through
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and the former condition does not tend to dislocate the adjacent organs.
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the parents and epilepsy seems rather pronounced. F^r^ says that of
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pemphigus may attack the palms and soles. Syphilitic onychia may be
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with in hemiplegia of adults. Without premonitory symptoms a loss of
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Digitalis does not hold an important place in the heart-weakness of
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less injected, and the child seems more natural. If at the end of one week
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lown, with the formation of irregular cavities that vary in size. When
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posedly very characteristic, is best heard at the beginning of consolida-
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though rarely, bat a single paroxysm. As a rule, at the expiration of
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Vomiting is not uncommon at the outset, and may be repeated, while
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Wifbt of the affection or (more frequently) after its close. Typhus
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lichen, and urticaria, are common concomitants of this disease. By
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erysipelas and parotitis are not rare. During convalescence digestive
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of strips of adhesive plaster or by the application of an elastic band.
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door life, and in whom the breaking-down stage is not too far advanced.
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though more often, perhaps, micturition is more frequent than iu noniitl
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In complete palsy the globe is ultimately fixed, owing to contraction of
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sequel of simple pleurisy ; more frequently the extension occurs firom a
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The course is prolonged into days or Course is brief, terminating in death m
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Pathology. — A true neuritis is almost always an inflamiuationoflhe
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intestine, attended by a morbid secretion of mucus.
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vomiting is more common than in ordinary pneumonia ; the sputa may be
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respiratory murmur when collapse of the lung is incomplete. Not in-
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pelvis and calyces of the kidney ; it may cause dilatation, pyelitis, or
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95° F. (35° C). In a few days the water is charged with carbon dioxid
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of chronic pharyngitis present in any given case, so that the treatment
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Increased fluidity of the blood on the one hand, and increased tension in
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likely to be mistaken for carcinoma of the liver may be mentioned —