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upright, but falls over backward or to one side. The face appears pro-

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Gmelins test is most commonly employed, though it is not the most

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may be soft, even telangiectatic, or quite firm. They often run a very

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disposing factors. In this connection it is to be pointed out that indi-

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chlorate may be used. Ulcers may be brushed with silver-nitrate sola-

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'here is nothing in this early stage of the disease to distinguish it from

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pressure necessary to be exerted over a given area to cause pain, by

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The duration of tue period of decline is usually from eight to twelve

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Prog;ti05is. — The outlook is unfavorable in the absence of opet«ti»»

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symptoms belongs pain, particularly when the pleura is implicated.

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the hyperesthesia are also less marked than in cerebro-spinal fever ; the

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scribing habits of American physicians may contribute

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is easily reirulated ; he is enabled to watch the diflferent steps of the 'ii^-

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The various forms of abdominal colic ^ as enteralgia, hepatalgia, and

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in the intestinal canal of persons ill of cholera. Recent investigations

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gastro-intestinal symptoms common to the latter disorder are also pres-

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even the intermittent type, regardless of any malarial affection. The

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Treatment. — The dietary embraces only nitrogenous articles of food,

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nostras. Many of the symptoms characteristic of true cholera are also

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Hemorrhage of the bladder has been mentioned as a symptom of

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tribution of symptoms, tenderness in the muscles, frequent herpetic

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liet; he should eschew tobacco and alcoholic stimulants, and avoid all

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than in the previous form, and often is heroic. Especially must quinin

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the so-called pure amyloid kidney, with normal renal tissue other than

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of anesthesia often exist for a t)rief period, and hemianesthesia is rare.

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cept the muscles, which are often decidedly red in color. The fat is

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reared by tuberculous parents runs great danger of being infected acci-

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— 38.3*^-40° C), accompanied by languor, headache, bone-pains, im-

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institute the chief clinical peculiarity. The abscesses are situated

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pleted about one week later, making the total duration from twelve days

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troublesome in the latter stage, and is often associated with intractable

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quite probable that certain cardio-vascular lesions in some way, as JH