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me just enumerate a series of facts which show the influence

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Eagle, Second Class, on Professor August Hirsch of Berlin.

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nounced from Geneva. Some 500 letters from Voltaire which

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ary 24th I found him in bed, lying on his back, an expression

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would have to enlarge before dealing with the old building,

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numerous experiments. The animal we selected was invari-

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prising that persons who are unlearned in physics and phy-

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attempted to do. He simply makes an ex cathedra statement

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recent more accurate knowledge of cell and nuclear structure

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having been read and confirmed, it was proposed by Mr. Vin-

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itself against kissing the cover, or even the inside, of a book

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the cases the epididymis had been more swollen than the

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tion, a most striking fact is the freedom of the operations

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method ot " thinking in public," adopted by Professor Weis-

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and Secretary : unmarried; doubly qualified. .Appointment for two

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proving for plumbers, should be followed in the case of nurse.i

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kept on their sides. It must be removed from the bottles by means of a

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quently said that patients have got an attack a few hours after

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Exercise, etc., has been commissioned by the French Govern-

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for mentioning these ladies with such apparent familiarity,

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Dr. D. B. Balding (President of the Poor-law Medical

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Observations by Fischer demonstrate that the principal

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are not always arranged in a very convenient form, so that

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assisted by forty dressers selected from the senior students, a

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unavoidable ; four principal medical officers have ruled in one

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were last week but few cases. South Shields, Tynemouth, and

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secretary. Dr. Frederick Taylor, for his exceptional services

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prostate witli a sessile tumour projecting into the bladder.

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adopted is, to say the least, strange and perplexing; and if the verdicts

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the blood was discharging as from a bad miscarriage. The