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Gi astro -intestinal Symptoms. — Loss of appetite is commonly present,

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pepsia and constipation occur in 65 per cent, of cases (Townsend).

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characteristic odor of decomposing animal substances. The fetor may

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cal irritation of the rectum (horseback-riding, bicycle-riding, uterine

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sure or to some toxemia. The morbid conditions of tlie pneumogastric

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shreddy, or in more chronic cases thickened and fibrous. A bulging

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pyrexia in connection with acute rheumatism. Occurring as a secondary

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The parasite is the filaria or dracunculus medinensis or persarum,

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spirits. In a small percentage of instances, just prior to the attack the

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the physician should not fail to give ample warning of the dangers con-

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goes further enlargement in the same manner as in the hypertrophy of

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of transmission. This murmur, unlike usually preceded by or associated with

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PropJiylaxis consists in cleanliness and care in preparing such food

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a bronchus, with serious results. In other instances spontaneous absorp-

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nervous origin. (d) Local mechanical influences (portal congestion)

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the hydvothorax of a general dropsy in advanced cases, or by the up-

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Though it is regarded as a rare disease, the fact that it is unrecognizable

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suppurations, and in sarcomatous disease of the spinal cord, though the

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panitic percussion-resonance and of dulness are to be found side by side

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2indi the pulse small and very freijuent — 130 to 180 beats per minute.

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appropriate, therefore, to note, first, the features of hemoptysis when

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D. Goff, Library Place, Allegheny, on Thursday evening. March 2. The

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ease. Rest of body and mind is imperative. Next to this come the

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Allen, Edward E., M.D. Homoeopathy: Its Activities and Oppor-

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