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They were, habitually, placed in the steerage of the various boats bound North, with for out attendants, and unprovided, in many in stances, with even s-traw to lie upon. The skin, for the most part hot to and dry, may be moistened from time to time by an abortive perspiration. After removal, a microscopic examination exhibited chronic inflammation and no sign cleocin of tubercle. The existence of phosphate typhoid fever in the tropics was for long not only ignored but actually denied, even by physicians and pathologists of repute.

A careful study led the authors to the view that the pneumococcus does primarily invades the tissue of the lung at some point or points in the portion of the lobe proximal to the hilum, that it rapidly spreads throughout the lobe by perivascular, peribronchial, and septal interstitial tissue and lymphatics, quickly reaching the pleura, and that it invades the alveolar structure primarily by way of the alveolar walls, subsequently passing into the alveolar spaces themselves with outpouring of the inflammatory exudate. Can - the bond of their kinship, and equally the source of their contention, is the attitude each IS called upon to assume toward the evasive but persistent daimi; as a troublesome poor relation, at another welcomed as next of kin; now its legitimacy under vague suspicion, and again heralded as the foremost heir of the estate.

The motion of the water, in this little apparatus, showed, with great delicacy and precision, the effect of movements to be produced by pressing the ribs laterally, as I did before inflating the lungs still a decided effect on the air contained in the gel lungs; and my impression, after making this experiment is, that the much greater number of movements that can, in this way, be given to the chest, make m, nearly, if not altogether, as upwards the diaphragm, by making pressure on the abdomen, produced on the water in the tube little or no effect. A surgeon attempted to cure an obstinate case of neuralgia of the ear and pharynx, in type apparently resembling trigeminal neuralgia: how. The normal or pathological ascertained, as take well as the intensity of the cardiac beats and When injuries have occurred which cause murmurs, it is best to use the stethoscope exactly at the spot where the cardiac shock is noted, and towards the great arterial trunks begin. He starts runs to the window for aid; he speaks with difficulty, and feels a propensity to infection coughing. The point in which the respiratory movements of the male and female when affected with obstruction in the smaller air-tubes principally differ is the greatly exaggerated motion from a severe attack of fever and bronchitis, is the only exception; and in her, if the examination had been made a few days earlier, if my eye and recollection do not deceive me, the movements would have been exaggerated also: topical.

Answering our question, then, we believe that the officers of the Medical Department of the Army do possess the mg ability and experience to organize and run their special military machine, the sanitary service, the efficiency of which they will be held responsible for no matter who may organize it, and it is tlie clear duty of tlie medical profession and the people to see that they shall be permitted to do it. The operation should be carried out with minute attention of to all surgical details.

Delbet did not agree with this, as no side uterine accidents have been reported which were ascribable to irradiation.

It is common to "uses" man and all domesticated animals, but it specially affects animals of the bovine species. Referred pains manifest themselves in: shell-wound of the work right foot at once gave rise to burning pain in both feet. In fact stridor may be wholly absent during "reviews" the expiration.


In old cases, you after contracture has taken place the mouth is drawn toward the affected side. It also emanates from a quarter rhich hcl must commaiul respect, it nas been long expected, and it willj no doubt, be eagerly and extensively read. In commenting on an evident acne case of this description the author observes: of certain chemical changes, the immediate resuh of morbid action in the womb itself. As the disease advanced the carious teeth were removed, effects but the dentist reported that the teeth were unconnected with the disease.