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equivalent ? ^\'hy should they not be paid for their
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officers as Dr. Symonds contemplated was very essen-
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fracture of, 634 ; congenital deficiencies in, ib. ; gun-
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ing, as at stool. The individual is said to become puffy and
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warrant regulating the pay of assistant-surgeons of
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plete form. He said that the marks left by the pror
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This is real manliness ; this is worth living for. Gen-
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fear lest what Sydenham said of small-pox two hundred years ago,
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with the biographies previously published to regard
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ing that the periosteum had nothing to do with ossi-
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dissociate from Cancer, the presimied constitutional
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appeared, leaving only a very slight sediment at the
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gle or imperfectly divided arterial trunk, etc. ; Second, arrests at the
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and may be had at the Queen's printers, Messrs. Eyre
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times to find many more younger than elder children
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collapse ; and a painful question arose in my mind,
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was imperatively necessary, until she died from ulcer-
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of fluid withdrawn by the hypodermatic syringe in the recognition
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signs by which they can express some of their wishes
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ease of the Ij'mphatic glands, which lie externally to
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The skin of the surrounding parts was of a brownish
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or sinking by gravitation in the liquids of a serous
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once which of one or other of these changes is going
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Packed in Boxes of 7lbs., Os. per dozen ; U lbs., 16s. per dozen ; 28 /6s., 30s. per dozen. Carriage paid.
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danger of its undergoing decomposition. The fibrin-
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various degrees of diminished, increased, or perverted